People drive your business.
But what drives your people?

Drive Performance 

High-performing teams are the key to top results. We help ensure our clients’ success by optimizing the performance of  their talent through our powerful and dynamic portfolio of resources designed to inspire the drivers of an organization: its people. 

The Predictive Index

Human Capital Analytics utilizes The Predictive Index™, a vital tool for evaluating teams and how individuals work together. Armed with this valuable data, we lead our clients through the process of making strategic decisions and creating balance within teams to achieve optimal results.

Talent Acquisition

It is crucial to create the proper foundation for a successful hire. At Human Capital Analytics, that foundation comes in the form of the PI® Behavioral Assessment and the PI® Job Assessment working together to ensure the best candidate is hired.


Talent Optimization

High-performing teams make organizations thrive. This can be achieved through talent optimization. Our four-part discipline aligns business strategy with talent strategy to increase engagement and create optimal results.


Talent Development

Four forces  contribute to disengagement and high turnover:  job fit, manager satisfaction, team alignment, and cultural alignment. Performance suffers when these forces are misaligned. We diagnose and address these problems


Executive Search

Our firm utilizes robust data from the PI® framework in executive search, which allows us to successfully place leaders for clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, law and higher education


Our Solutions 

Human Capital Analytics has a portfolio of dynamic solutions offered through The Predictive Index that are designed to deliver vital data and insights.

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The HCA Team

At Human Capital Analytics, we bring strategy to life by helping companies build and execute result-driven talent strategies. We do this with scientifically validated software, world-class workshops, training, and – most importantly – knowledge transfer from on-site Talent Optimization Consultants. Each member of our diverse team brings a unique perspective to the table, which allows HCA to provide an optimized network for every company’s hiring needs.

Tamala McBath, LNHA


Tamala brings a unique approach to resolving issues that many organizations face, and she is especially passionate about improving employee relations in environments that experience a higher rate of turnover and dissatisfaction.

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Monica Berghausen, JD

Senior Consultant

With numerous years of global corporate management experience in various human resources disciplines, Monica has served as an HR business partner and strategic consultant to various business groups in highly regulated environments. 

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Battinto Batts Jr., Ph.D 

Senior Consultant

An expert in leadership, curriculum development, educational assessments, and project management, Battinto brings vital knowledge for implementing data-driven changes within an organization, while also developing its top-notch  talent.

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Mollie Bentley, SPHR

Trainer/Executive Recruiter

Mollie  thrives on helping teams reach their fullest potential by finding the most talented candidates, creating and implementing transformative onboarding processes, and coaching leaders in effective retention strategies .

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