Executive Search​

Every company has unique hiring requirements aligned with their workplace environment. This means you need the best leadership in place to drive your business success. 

To help make this happen, Human Capital Analytics is dedicated to providing a robust executive search service for your specialized staffing needs. When you need to select a highly skilled professional across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and law, our team can help. Robust data from the Predictive Index framework allows us to place leaders in the most advantageous role for your company’s continued success.

With a combined experience of 70 years, Human Capital Analytics has led crucial workforce change in a wide variety of industries.You’re dedicated to driving success for your business, so why not hand over the recruitment work to the specialists? At HCA, you have access to an optimized network of experienced and diverse connections. Leverage this network to take your leadership to the next level.


Recruitment Solutions

Are you prepping to hire for a new facility or adding a second shift for an existing facility? Are you considering hiring a class of trainees or apprentices? 

The world of recruitment is rapidly evolving. To hire top talent, you need know how to attract great candidates and connect with them quickly. 

Our recruitment project solutions offer enhancements to your existing talent acquisition team by solving resourcing capacity challenges. We’ll customize a recruitment plan to fit the needs of your project to attract top talent, select the best candidates, and onboard effectively to retain and build a stronger employer brand.