Talent Development

When it comes to employee fit, there are four forces that contribute to disengagement and higher turnover rates. These forces come in the form of job fit, manager satisfaction, team alignment, and cultural alignment. When any of these forces are misaligned, a company begins to see poor results.

If you hire or promote the wrong person for your company culture, that acquisition is usually short-lived. This can lead to an increase in turnover, and then you’ll have to start back at square-one in the talent search process while losing vital productivity and results. However, even if you hire the right person, you must also ensure that their leaders and team are going to be a good fit as well. Therefore, it’s important to have strong talent development processes in place.

Human Capital Analytics is proud to offer workshops to train and develop your leadership; conduct success and retention planning; and improve team building and communication. These workshops are offered onsite as well as at HCA headquarters, and will prove to be a core component in improving employee fit. 

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