Get the most out of teams

Every business owner wants high-performing teams with low turnover rates. However, they fail to optimize their talent in order to make this happen. Talent optimization is a four-part discipline that aligns your business strategy with your talent strategy for optimal business results. 

The core components of talent optimization are the collection, analysis, and application of quantitative and qualitative talent data in order to help you make the best decisions for your business. This data allows you to thoroughly understand what a role will require, identify the best candidates for that role, understand the team dynamics needed to accomplish your business goals, and manage your employees in a way that inspires top results.

By doing the necessary “people work” that stands between your business and its best results, you will set your company up for success. At Human Capital Analytics, we focus on the four aptitudes of Talent Optimization:

1. Diagnose

Measure critical talent data, analyze that data in the context of your business, and prescribe remedies as needed.

3. Hire

Use talent optimization insights based on extensive data to hire top talent and build cohesive teams.

2. Design

Create, monitor, and continuously evolve your talent strategy.

4. Inspire

Use data to drive important employee-oriented activities such as career pathing, maintaining organizational culture, and managing people and tea